Ehsan Asadi was also killed

The PKK / PJAK death machine is still running while using the blood of Kurdish youth as fuel. This machine of Abdullah Ocalan’s ideology did not spare Iranian Kurdish children, teenagers and youth and sent dozens of people to die in conflicts.

Ehsan Asadi, the son of Fereydoun and Fatemeh from Urmia, Iran, is also among the teenagers who were put on the irreversible path of deception by PJAK. After Ehsan was deceived and transferred to the Qandil Mountains in the Kurdistan Region, this group codenamed him as Qahraman. After a brief training, he was sent to the PKK-Turkish army conflict area in Khakurk where  he was killed a few days later.

PJAK announced his death about a year late through the media, and Ehsan’s parents still do not know where their son is buried.

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