Video file / A Yazidi tribal chief addresses the PKK: Leave Shangal

“The presence of the PKK in Sinjar/Shangal is a great danger to the lives and property of the people. We know that the Turkish army may attack from the air or on the ground at any moment. Why should the people be victim because of the presence of the PKK?” “Should the people be killed in Sinjar for the PKK? We see the presence of the PKK in Syria, which led to the Turkish occupation of Syrian Kurdistana and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people? This can be repeated in Sinjar, too.”

“This is not your place. We do not want people from the Syrian and Turkish Kurds to assign us tasks. You have to leave here. Not leaving means war, killing people,” said the Yazidi chief.

The reporter then met one of the PKK commanders. He also talks on the spot. “The only person who can tell us to leave is Abdullah Ocalan. We do not listen to anyone else,” the commander said, surprisingly.

The claim comes while Sinjar is part of Iraq and Abdullah Ocalan is a Turkish citizen. A question is raised why such a person should assign tasks to the people of Shangal !?

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