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Sirwan Mojaver or Zilan Khoshmir?

One of PJAK’s anti-humanitarian actions, like other branches of the PKK is that it does not even have mercy on the name of the member, and by giving a new and, of course, irrelevant name, it separates the person from his/her real identity and creates a rift. Sirwan, the son of Mohammad and Sara from […]

No news about Khadijeh Brooki Milan yet

When Adel and Rabieh had a child named Khadijeh, they did not imagine their daughter would be killed hundreds of kilometers away from Maku, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran, in Hakari, Turkey, where she was involved in the Turkish army’s conflict with the PKK. This was the path determined by PJAK in order to provide fighters […]

Who is responsible for the death of Herish Mahabad?

In today’s world, communication is much wider and information is much easier to get. This has led to more human rights violations being reported than ever before and not being hidden. But there is still a dual approach, consciously or unconsciously, to human rights issues. The stance of Kurdish activists against the PKK / PJAK […]

Shakwan Moradi, a child soldier as tall as his own gun

Shakwan Moradi was less than 15 years old. He never achieved what he set out to do. Just when he was about to continue his education and pick up a pen, the PJAK members handed him a gun. He was supposed to go to war with the second NATO army with this Kalashnikov! The place […]

How was Khadang deceived?

PJAK, which is also known as the monster and deception group, trapped Aziz Khadangi. Aziz Khadangi, the son of Lezgin and Golnaz, was born in a remote village in the Maku region of West Azerbaijan Province, Iran, and was still a teenager when he encountered PJAK members while grazing lambs in the summer in the […]

From Shiwan Kharabati to Simko Sarheldan

Since 2004, when PJAK was established as a branch of the PKK, Mahabad region has also been a victim of this anti-Kurdish group. PJAK members also sacrificed a teenager named Shiwan Kharabati, son of Mansour and Asieh, to their sinister goals in a deprived village of Mahabad. Shiwan thought that PJAK was a commercial company […]

Hossein Musazadeh Double victim

In one of the border villages of Salmas in West Azerbaijan Province, Iran, Omar Musazadeh’s family is still shocked at how their son Musa left and never returned. This border village is home to the illegal movement of the PKK-affiliated PJAK armed group, which has created problems for local people in various ways: extortion in […]

From the Lebanese missing to the Kurds missing

A few days ago, a terrible bomb shook the Lebanese capital and left many homeless. In addition to killing more than 150 people, several thousand were injured. Some people also went missing. Many, including Kurdish activists, spoke and wrote about sympathy for the Lebanese people and called for an investigation. Expressing sympathy is right and […]

If Taleb Mohammadi was a Kolber …

These days, the so-called Kurdish human rights activists pretend to be very serious than ever and show off defending the Kolbars – the natural and legitimate rights of the Kolbars are right and are not denied. On the one hand, these human rights pretenders are silent on the killing of Kolbars by PJAK in the […]

Kamran had not even heard the name of Shengal, but …

Kamran Dalaei Milan, the son of Ismael and Shamam, was born in a deprived village of Maku city in the province of West Azerbaijan, Iran. He was still a student when he came across death dealers, members of the PKK / PJAK. He was kidnapped and taken away by trickery. After joining due to deception […]
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