Who is responsible for the death of Herish Mahabad?

In today’s world, communication is much wider and information is much easier to get. This has led to more human rights violations being reported than ever before and not being hidden. But there is still a dual approach, consciously or unconsciously, to human rights issues. The stance of Kurdish activists against the PKK / PJAK human rights abuses in directing Iranian Kurdish children and adolescents toward the PKK-Turkish army death channel has been severely criticized.

Keyvan Khalandi, with the code name Herish Mahabadi, the son of Nasrin and Soleiman, is one of the forgotten people who, despite several years of time, is still a victim for whom PJAK officials have been not prosecuted for violating his right to life. PJAK sent Keyvan to death, like dozens of other Iranian Kurdish children and adolescents, but its leaders travel freely to European countries and the Kurdistan Region. All this in the silence of human rights activists.

Keyvan was killed on January 7, 2013 in Hakari, Turkey.

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