PKK caused the school to be closed down

Continued evacuation of villages in the Kurdistan Region due to Turkish attacks for the presence of PKK members, especially among the civilians in the villages, the people of Kanimzan village were forced to evacuate the whole village and the school was closed down at the beginning of the school year.

According to local media, people cannot even take refuge in gardens and farms because the PKK has turned villages into shelters for itself, and many farms and gardens have now been burned by bombing.

The 30-family village has recently faced another tragedy. Because some PKK members hid themselves inside the school, it was bombed by Turkish fighters, and school teacher Khalid Abdul Rahman was killed. Qader Kanimzani, a resident, said: “We decided to further develop the village, but because of the PKK we have to go to emigrate to cities forever. “We had to close down the school,” said Fawzi Ahmad, the school’s principal.

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