Statement of the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch on the tragic events of the last few days

The Executive Council of Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) issued a statement following unfortunate events of the last week affecting the public opinion in Iran. The text of this statement is as follows:

“The triangle of violence, extremism and terrorism has become the continuous policy of the ruling system in the international arena. Activists and thinkers believe that the division of the world into center and periphery is driving the process of global change in a direction that human beings will be increasingly pressured by these policies. By the time Donald Trump explicitly identified Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as the creators of ISIL’s black terrorism in the election campaign, it was no longer appropriate to analyze the 9/11 phenomenon and the emergence of al-Qaeda in the puzzle.

 The reality of the world today is the increasing the spread of imperialist thinking in various facets of the global community. Therefore, the continuation of this process that greatly influenced the militant groups at the top of the great powers cannot be ignored. Many of the bitter events these days have to be found in the emergence of symbols represented by the crazy and businessman president of the United States. This imperialist stream of thought in itself has an important role to play in the formation and development of the sinister triangle of violence, extremism and terrorism. Just look at the scenarios that have emerged in recent years from this militant movement in our peripheral region.

The emergence of ISIS and the preservation of this extremist thinking, putting the Syrian Kurds in a state of no return, disrupting and ultimately destroying the nuclear agreement with Iran and increasing regional tension, imposing unprecedented economic and even sanctions on the Iranian people, the assassination of a high-ranking Iranian military official, are all in fact a declaration of real war, while the US threatened to attack Iranian cultural and historical centers and this displayed a total madness. By doing so, the US exposed the Iranian people to an unwanted war, behavioral signs of a full-fledged warlord, in fact the principles of a thought school called Trumpism. The world is concerned and the anti-war movements are in mental turmoil resulted from the the start of a new war.

The crash of the Ukrainian airline plane, according to a statement by the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces and the Presidential Administration, was one of the most unfortunate events of the past week, and resulted from a human error and in a state of readiness following the threat of a war-tragedy, is a big loss. While admitting this big error and apologizing for it and more importantly pursuing judicially, the authorities promised to clarify its dimensions and punish violators, it must be said seriously that the rights of victims must be fully guaranteed.

We believe that for ending the war and preventing from expanding it, everbody must abandon the current atmopshere, which is a school of terrorism, because in war situations, the number of civilian casualties will increase dramatically, and this is an experience that the world has faced in two wars. The first and second world wars have seen it closely.

The Executive Council of Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch presents its condolences to the Iranian and non-Iranian families who lost their loved ones and asks the awakened consciences of the international community, the anti-war movements and all concerned people, regardless of purely political lines, to support human rights, to help bring the world on the path of peace by joining the #No_War_No_To_Trump campaign. ”

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