PKK media attacks Beşikçi; Kurdish writer support Beşikçi

PKK Media have taken a completely opposite position to the people, especially Kurdish writers and this due to the statements of the Turkish writer Ismail Beşikçi in support of the Kurdish people and calling the PKK as the enemy of the Kurds. Houshang Ose, a Kurdish writer and journalist, and a former PKK activist, defended Ismail Besikic in a post on his Facebook account, saying, “Abdullah Ocalan is nothing in comparison with Besikci’s knowledge.”

In an article titled “Apo’s fans and Ismail Besikci” he wrote to the PKK media, replied and said that the PKK has gone mad because of Beşikçi’s right statements about the group’s presence and actions in the Kurdistan Region and Syria. Besikci said PKK paves the way for Turkey and called it as occupier.

Beşikçi publicly called PKK as mercenary and instrument of Turkey. “After Ocalan’s arrest, Beşikçi repeatedly contradicted Ocalan’s statements in prison and considered them in the interests of the Turkish government, and for this reason, Ocalan responded by threatening to kill him,”.

The PKK should be ashamed, Beşikçi is a Turk and defends the legitimate rights of the Kurds, he has never been a member nor supporter of the PKK, but the PKK, like the sunflower, changes direction every moment. Beşikçi never surrendered to the government. He has insisted on his support for the Kurds since the 1970s.

Houshang Ose goes on adding that the PKK has repeatedly published Beşikçi’s remarks, but after Ocalan surrendered and took anti-Kurdish positions, the PKK has also taken the path of enmity with Beşikçi.The PKK does not have the ability to give a scientific and logical answer to Beşikçi, so it attacks and threatens through the media as its hypocritical leader does.

At the end of his address to Beşikçi, Houshang Ose says I could not give a decisive answer to the PKK’s ignorance and apologize for you and as you know, not all Kurds are Apo’s fans.

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