KRG: Qasem Soleimani supported us

Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of the Kurdistan Regionanl Government (KRG) in Tehran, interviewed by Rudaw TV spoke on general Qsem Soleimani and his relations with the officials of the KRG. In the interview, he said that Suleimani’s relations with the KRG were very friendly. He was a person who responded to our requests every moment, even if it were midnight. “General Soleimani had influence over all the officials in the KRG, and if he were not, the KRG would have collapsed.

On the rumors about threats against KRG for the independence referendum contributed to General Soleimani, “these rumors are pure lies because not only were there no threats but we would have had more trouble without the help of General Soleimani. Without his efforts, the central government would have been in trouble and it would not give us the needed budget. He asked us not to hold the referendum, and instead, promised to make implement the article 140 of the Iraqi constitution to achieve our rights.

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