HUDA-PAR: HDP is not a Kurdish party

After Imam Tashchier, the representative of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), the PKK branch, announced the door of this party for all Kurdish parties and groups is open to the “Kurdish Union”, he  said even the “Free Demand Party” (HUDA-PAR) can enter the union and called the party “non-Kurdish and a follower of Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party.”

Osman Aktash, a representative of the HUDA-PAR from Diyarbakir, also wrote in response to the remarks: “HUDA-PAR is a Kurdish and Islamic party and strives for the legitimate rights of the Kurds in Turkey. Many HDP representatives have publicly declared that the HDP is not a Kurdish party, I must say that the HDP was established with the aim of enslaving the Kurds and its aim is to destroy the Kurds in the system of Kemalism, this party should be ashamed of using the words Kurds and Kurdistan.”

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