Former PKK supporters protest against it in Sinjar now

The trend of escape and leaving PKK members and supporters  in the group and its branches is increasing. After the escape of Daliya Muslim, the nephew of Saleh Muslim and a member of the PKK / YPJ, caused a great shock to the group, the Yazidi Kurds of Sinjar also protested openly against the PKK and chanted slogans.

Yazidi Kurds in Sinjar protested at the invitation of Mala Ezidiyan, an organization founded and affiliated with the PKK, and demanded the withdrawal of all members of the PKK and its affiliates from Yazidi areas in northern Iraq.

Feysal Qasim, a local official at Khane Sor, confirmed the demonstration and said that people were tired of the PKK. Yazidi Kurds say the PKK is “abducting our children and using them as child soldiers, disrupting security in the region and leading to Turkish airstrikes and civilian casualties, worsening the situation to the point that some people who had left the camps and return there again.” They are now leaving their homes once again and returning to the camps.

It is important to note that these anti-PKK demonstrations are organized by a Yazidi institution formerly founded by the PKK itself.

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