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Protest continues in the Kurdistan Region, one peshmerga killed

Protest against the rulers of the Kurdistan Region continues while reports indicate that some civilians have been killed and injured. In the Penjwin area, protesters attacked the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) affiliated with Massoud Barzani, and a Peshmerga member of the KDP was killed. Eight civilians have been killed in the past […]

Two Kurdish MP called for a cut in the KRG budget again

A Kurdish news website in the Kurdistan Region reported that two Kurdish members of the Iraqi parliament had asked the central government not to send 320 billion dinars as salaries to the Kurdistan Region. Yesterday, Iraqi government spokesman Ahmad Talal announced that they were committed to the Baghdad-Erbil agreement to send 320 billion dinars as […]

Statement of 14 NGOs against the PKK in Syrian Kurdistan

After the approval of the new law of the self-proclaimed government affiliated to the PKK in northern and northeastern Syria to seize and confiscate the property of Syrian war refugees, the move provoked a strong reaction among the people and civil institutions. According to this law, the self-proclaimed PKK-affiliated administration, the property of those who […]

Yazidi protest against the PKK intensifies in Sinjar

Mount Shangal/Sinjar witnesses mass demonstrations against the presence and actions of the PKK. The Yazidi Kurds of Sinjar have once again rallied and chanted slogans against the PKK in recent weeks. “The PKK is a serious threat to Sinjar and the Yazidis. It has abducted dozens of our young girls and boys, who are now […]

Former PKK supporters protest against it in Sinjar now

The trend of escape and leaving PKK members and supporters  in the group and its branches is increasing. After the escape of Daliya Muslim, the nephew of Saleh Muslim and a member of the PKK / YPJ, caused a great shock to the group, the Yazidi Kurds of Sinjar also protested openly against the PKK […]

Qamishlo’s people push out American Convoy

The people of North-East Syria are tired of the US interference and their backing of PKK/PYD forces. They have been helping Syrian legitimate government forces, that reside under the name of “defai al-watani” or “national defense forces”. The people of Qamishlo have long been awaiting for the government’s return to the region. Reliable sources have […]