A girl from Salmas, the latest Iranian victim of PJAK terrorism: Jamshideh Ziba

The scholars and researchers have always focused on the situation of women in terrorist groups such as PJAK and PKK. Trying to exploit the traditional and sometimes anti-woman atmosphere in Kurdish society, these groups, promise girls and women freedom and prosperity; but in practice, women and girls become sex slaves and simple members of the cult by terrorists. These terrorist groups deprive women of the right to marry and become mothers, and at the same time pretend to defend the women by slogans of women’s liberation. Elimination of women is a common practice in these groups, and for this reason we have seen women burn themselves many times. Deformed, deceived and victimized women; they set themselves on fire for the ridiculous and ridiculous slogans of Ocalan on freedom. Many of these self-immolations took place in the mountains and it is not clear what the truth of the matter is. Were these women trying to escape and have they been executed? In the PKK and PJAK, everything is possible.

Armed groups such as the PKK and PJAK have tried to use women’s bodies and corps to show off their power and recruit. For example, Abdullah Ocalan; in her writings, has repeatedly insulted women and published numerous reports of the plight of women in PKK headquarters and rape by the group’s leaders. All the PKK’s justifications for women are related to criticism of the patriarchal society in Kurdistan. But the organization has forgotten that Ocalan, Duran Kalkan and Cemil Bayik are also men. The slogan of supporting women in the PKK has been raised while marriage and motherhood are prohibited by the group. Therefore, one has to ask why you force a woman whose mentality, like her mother’s, is emotional and far from violence, in a way in which war and violence and killing are the first and last words? Why do you force women to burn themselves and imprison them in the mountains? All what the PKK and its leaders pretend as respect for women is appointing them in an apparent position as co-chairs!

Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW), which has repeatedly published the plight of women in the PKK and PJAK in its articles, reports and news, has recently found a new and dangerous procedure by the PJAK and the PKK in announcing the delayed death of members. Iranian members, in particular, have been paid attention. The Firat News Agency, affiliated to the PKK and PJAK terrorist groups, announces the death of its members with delays of several months and several years. This action is an example of forced disappearance and a war crime. In this case, the true cause of death of these members is not known and they may even be alive. But the PKK and PJAK falsely announce the deaths of their members in order to disappoint and dissuade the family from further searches.

In the latest development related to this crime, PJAK / PKK-affiliated news agency, announced that an Iranian girl named Jamshideh Ziba with code named Avinar Delgash has been killed, with two other PKK members, in Matina area as a result of the bombing of Turkish army fighters. The name and surname of this Iranian membershows she is from Salmas, West Azerbaijan province. The images released by the PKK show this Iranian member is under age at the time of death (and, of course, younger when recruited by the PKK / PJAK).


IKHRW continues to repeat its questions and is waiting for an answer from PJAK:

What is the reason for kidnapping and deceiving children and announcing the delayed death of Iranian members? To discourage the family from pursuing the fate of their child? How exactly did this member die? In internal conflicts and internal executions, or when fleeing and announcing instead of those killed in the war with Turkey? How is it that the PKK, which specializes in abusing members’ corpses, has not noticed the death of one of its members since 2009? How old was this person at the time of membership? Why don’t the PKK and the Firat News Agency publish the age of their members? Why does the PKK not change its policy of recruiting children as soldiers? Is the lack of armed force the reason for continuing this policy? These questions have been asked many times by the IKHRW and victim families; but the PKK-affiliated news agency preferred to continue spreading Ocalan’s lies and nonsense and tell stories about the Iranian election.

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