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A girl from Salmas, the latest Iranian victim of PJAK terrorism: Jamshideh Ziba

The scholars and researchers have always focused on the situation of women in terrorist groups such as PJAK and PKK. Trying to exploit the traditional and sometimes anti-woman atmosphere in Kurdish society, these groups, promise girls and women freedom and prosperity; but in practice, women and girls become sex slaves and simple members of the […]

Turkish officer orders water cut off to Al-Hasakah, Canton Council declares emergency

Today, the Water Directorate and the Al-Hasakah Canton Council declared emergency in Al-Hasakah, due to cutting off drinking water from the Alouk station, which is under the Turkish occupation mercenaries, after orders from an officer, calling on international and humanitarian organizations to intervene quickly to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. The declaration of emergency came after […]

Armored police vehicle tries to run over children in Turkey’s southeast

An armored police vehicle was seen trying to run over children in Turkey’s Batman. The footage of the incident shared by the HDP showed children running to save themselves. An armored police vehicle was seen trying to run over children in the Kurdish-majority southeastern province of Batman. The footage of the incident was shared by […]

Child soldier recruitment flourishes amid coronavirus pandemic

More children could be pushed into joining armed groups in conflict zones as families face increasing poverty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a top United Nations official warned Friday. The exact number of child soldiers is unknown, but in 2019 alone about 7,740 children – some as young as 6 – were recruited and used […]

Another crime by PJAK; an 18-month late announcement of an Iranian underage

The PJAK terrorist group, the branch of the PKK for Iran, has always announced the death of its Iranian members late. The PKK-affiliated Firat News Agency (funded by drug trafficking and money laundering), just doing propaganda and publishing the news of PKK deaths, has reported the death of Iranian PKK members for many times, but […]

Servet Turgut: Turkish soldiers dropped me down from a helicopter

About a month theTurkish Army dropped down two Kurdish civilians from a helicopter. One of the victims died after a while, but the second person, Servet Turgut, finally rescued following a coma and spoke of the event. He says army soldiers arrested and tortured the two in the summer and then threw them from a […]