USA thwarts Russian plan to establish a new militia in North-East Syria

The United States of America thwarted a Russian plan to establish armed groups from its local elements in its areas in northeastern Syria, according to informed sources.
According to previous statements, informed sources said that Russia began about 3 months ago to plan the establishment of local military units belonging to it in the northern region, starting from the cities of Amuda and Tel Tamer of the province of Hasaka, which includes two Russian military points.
According to the Russian plan, the first stage involved the recruitment of 400 young men as gunmen and to train them on various types of weapons under the supervision of a Russian base.
Then they will be assigned to protect the Russian bases and military points and accompany the Russian forces as they patrol the area.
Thursday, informed sources told our correspondent, that “the United States stepped in to thwart the plan after its launch, as American officers made frequent visits to the city of Tal Tamr, to discourage its residents from sending their children to the Russian points, and informed them that Russia wanted to convert their children to mercenaries and transfer them to fight in Libya.”

The sources said that Washington pressed the terrorist “PKK” that controls the region in order not to participate in the plan, and asked it to prevent members of the region from joining the groups to be formed.
The sources pointed out that “the American moves in this regard paid off, as only 100 youths registered their names on the Russian lists during the past three months, which prompted Russia to give up its plan.”
After the “Spring of Peace” operation launched by the Turkish army in October 2019, the Russian military police stationed at least 18 points and bases in northern Syria, some of which were American bases before the latter withdrew after the military operation.

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