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Abduction: KRG security officials cooperate with the KDPI: IRI Foreign Ministry Must Pursue

As the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) reports by quoting local sources in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, Benjamin Farajzadeh, a young Iranian Kurdish citizen deceived by PJAK and then transferred to its camps in Qandil Mountain, the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, could have escaped the camps of this terrorist group. This news was announced by […]

Neighbouring to death: From school to the battlefield / KDPI Continues to Abduct and Deceive Kurdish Under Ages

In terms of water resources and vegetation, the border areas of Western Iran are among the richest ones of the countryThese natural landscapes have always had suitable opportunities to be taken advantage for agriculture, raising animals and related industry, while the unique beauty of this part of Iran offers opportunities to attract tourists for making […]

A sad story: Kidnapping a Kurdish under-age by the KDPI

Mahmood Ahmadi, son of Assad, from Hassan Nouran village, Oshnaviyeh, West Azerbaijan province, Iran, and a Kurdish under-age abducted by the KDPI armed men. The Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) has previously reported on the abduction of Kurdish under-ages by PJAK and the KDPI armed men. In previous reports, the IKHRW cited the locals […]

Asking the KDPI: What happened to Sardar Tabnak?

It seems the city of Oshnaviyeh has turned into a base for the armed men of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) while the Iranian government and military-security agencies are silent. The KDPI uses Oshnaviyeh as its largest recruiting center. Apart from terrorist activities, the children recruitment as soldiers by the KDPI is an […]

The children of Şino (Oshnaviyeh); part 2

As described in the children of Şino (Oshnaviyeh); part 1, the KDPI is one of the Kurdish separatist organizations that are active in Iranian Kurdistan. Part 1 also described the stories of Armin Mamalnejad and Fawziya Muhammedi Aqdam. In order to gain domestic and international legitimacy, the KDPI denounces violence against civilians, claiming commitment to […]

A report on the abduction of an Iranian Kurdish underage by KDPI armed men

Following the fate of Iranian children and adolescents, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) has found a new case of kidnapping, deception and transfer of Iranian Kurdish children underages by Kurdish armed groups abroad. The case, whose details will soon be published by the IKHRW, includes several underage victims who have been deceived by […]

Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran Supports Terrorism

A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran(KDPI), Bakhtiar Goran, reacted to the assassination of Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a nuclear scientist in Iran, on his Twitter account, expressing satisfaction with the terrorist act and calling the Iranian government as “taking a dual approach” on terrorism and “accused of killing”Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou and Sadegh Sharafkandi”. […]

Komala as a photo narrates

Komala, the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI), PJAK and several other groups have repeatedly used violence in the Kurdish regions of Iran in recent decades. The common denominator of all these claims is the “defense of Kurdish rights”, but in word and deed they are nothing but contradictions and have nothing but misery for […]