A report on the abduction of an Iranian Kurdish underage by KDPI armed men

Following the fate of Iranian children and adolescents, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) has found a new case of kidnapping, deception and transfer of Iranian Kurdish children underages by Kurdish armed groups abroad. The case, whose details will soon be published by the IKHRW, includes several underage victims who have been deceived by the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) and taken to the terrorist group’s camps. The first teenager whose report was provided for the IKHRW reporter is Behnam Bakhshi, the son of Qader from Oshnaviyeh, West Iran.

Behnam’s family told the IKHRW that they had not heard from him for more than a year; the 17-year-old Behnam was abducted by the KDPI and taken abroad. Before this sad event, he had a normal life, with no problem, while he was working in a sewing workshop.

It is worth mentioning that Oshnaviyeh is a city on the border of Iran with Iraqi Kurdistan, where the people suffer from the presence of armed groups for decades, and many underages have fallen victim to this armed presence. In fact, teenagers are always in danger of being deceived and abducted in these areas; being near the border with Iraqi Kurdistan and the crossing by members of armed groups into Iran has exposed the underages at risk.

Behnam’s father told the IKHRW reporter that not only Behnam but also dozens of other children had been the victims of these actsarmed groups and had been imprisoned by these groups for a long time, away from their families and in the worst possible conditions, while they have no access to health care and food. Behnam’s father emphasized that his son had no choice but to leave school and work and this due to the family’s economic problems. He worked to support the family financially. Behnam has a younger sister and he was trying to provide her with educational needs. After being kidnapped by the terrorist group, everything got worse. But he managed to return and I am very happy now.

Behnam’s father told the IKHRW: “I am a worker and my children are like the fruits of my life. Behnam is back, I am very happy. This terrorist group has kidnapped several hundred Iranian teenagers and we do not know the fate of many of them. We have grown our children with a lot of problems, so we hope and wish them the best for their future. We want our children to be with us. An armed group destroys the life expectancy of the families by kidnapping the children. During Behnam’s forced absence for a year, we visited the group’s headquarters several times; but they did not tell us anything. We got disappointed to see Behnam again.”

“We have fallen victim to these groups in the border areas; our region has a great tourist and recreational potential. The destructive presence of these groups in the region led the government to describe the areas as war zones. All government and private investments to improve the living standards of the people are targeted by the armed groups, and we have no choice but to migrate to the city. Behnam had left school and was working in a sewing workshop. He wished to have his own workshop in future. But I do not know how and where he was suddenly deceived and transferred to Iraqi Kurdistan. I went to Iraqi Kurdistan without knowing anything on his condition. As usual, the terrorist group denied Behnam’s presence. I insisted so as I could meet him to convince for returning.

He is a tailor now and intends to havehis own shop. There are still bitter consequences of his experience in the headquarters of armed groups.”

Behnam’s father also spoke on Behnam’s mother during her son’s absence and added that Behnam is our only son, life had become a nightmare for his mother. For a whole year, my whole life was really the worst. But God thanks, once again Behnam is at home.

We should say that the IKHRW will publish all details on the abducted children by PJAK, too. We will follow the fate of the Iranian Kurdish underages in the armed groups.

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