Ziad Abdi to the IKHRW: The PKK is a security threat in the KRG

The story of the Kurdish differences is endless. The Iraqi Kurds are no exception. Since the establishment of Iraq, the Kurds in Iraq have always had differences. With the rise to power of the Barzani family, opposition to them also increased, and eventually the two Barzani and Talebani families seized power. In the 1990s, the presence of the PKK and its armed conflict with the two parties also destroyed hopes for stability and security in the region in the future. These days, as the Coronavirus crisis has paralyzed the life of the people of the region, the dissatisfaction of the two main parties, the PUK and KDP, has also increased. The unhealthy situation in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) today is the result of a lack of cooperation between the two parties.

Ziadi Abdi, a Kurdish political activist in the KRG, told the IKHRW: “Instead of working together to take care of the people’s affairs, the PUK and the KDP are competing each other. Although the Kurdistan Region is in a good geographical position and it is rich, but the people can not benefit from it, they just face destruction and misery. “

Mr Abdi added: “After 29 years of Kurdish control over Iraqi Kurdistan, none of the parties cooperate each other. One day Lahor Sheikh Jangi, the head of the PUK, says “we will create a separate Region” and does not accept the Kurdistan Regional Government. Turkey is attacking and the PKK paves tha way for Turkey to occupy the KRG. The people are confused. The authorities are economically corrupted, but the people are in poverty.”

Criticizing the PKK’s deployment in Qandil and parts of the Kurdistan Region, Ziad Abdi said: “If the PKK is really looking for the rights of the Kurds in Turkey, then what is doing on among the Iraqi Kurds? Why does it just make problems for us? “It will endanger the security of the people in the Kurdistan Region. We are always witnessing the bombings by Turkey. This is dangerous.”

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