PJAK’s turned Ramin’s tragic death in a heroes’ tale

According to the Human Rights Watch of Iran’s Kurdistan and quoted by Firat News Agency – the official media organ of the PKK/PJAK group – again, an Iranian youth was killed in the clashes between the PKK and Turkey; But the PKK group announced the news after 5 years. At the same time, this is an example of forced disappearance and psychological warfare against one’s family. Because in this case, the family does not know about the fate of their child and does not know if he is alive or not. Their suffering is prolonged with 5 years. And the family does not know where to go to track the fate of their child.

This inhumane policy of PKK/PJAK is adopted to stop the follow-up process of the families so that they assume that their child has been killed and no longer follow his fate.

The PKK Press and Media Center has announced that “on December 28, 2016, three members of this group were killed in attacks by the Turkish army on media protection areas.”


One of these Iranian members and his details are announced as follows.

Name and surname: Ramin Zandpour

Organization code: Mazdak Kurdistan

Place of birth: Sanandaj

Mother’s name – Father’s name: Shahnaz – Siddique


Ramin Zandpour’s sister said in an interview with the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch reporter:

“Due to the lack of a suitable job in Sanandaj, Ramin had decided to go to Iraq, where we had many relatives, to find a job. Most of our relatives were in Iraqi Kurdish cities, but there was no approach towards any party among our family, and I’m sure the friends he had there made Ramin want to make the wrong decision for his life. PJAK took our brother from us and caused our family to grieve for the rest of our lives. They did not even allow us to bury my brother’s body in the place we want, and this issue caused a conflict between our family and the members of PJAK.”

“PJAK members got into a physical fight with our family during a funeral ceremony in Kurdistan Region. They wanted to parade his body around, which is something we refused. We wanted a quiet ceremony, in privacy.”

Ramin Zandpour’s sister further said: “PJAK’s heroization of his death and misuse of propaganda by holding large public paradial ceremonies and burials is very important for the group, and by holding such ceremonies, the group does extensive propaganda for its own benefit in the wider Qandil area, but it is a source of torment for families like ours.”

“By organizing a ceremony for Ramin, this time PJAK sought to exploit and abuse my brother’s body, which was met with strong opposition from our family, and a fierce conflict occurred between us and PJAK members. They wanted to use my brother’s body to attract other youngsters to come and die for their group.”

“The transfer of Ramin’s body from Sinjar to Ranieh, and from Ranieh to Qandil and Sangsar, angered our family. Considering that our family and clan had relatives in Kirkuk, we wanted the body to be buried in Kirkuk, but the PJAK members not only did not allow this, but even they prevented the presence of our relatives during the burial and allowed only my parents to attend the funeral, among a few hundred of their own invites.”

“This behavior of PJAK members led to a severe physical conflict between our family and PJAK. They only wanted to join the ceremony as they were his family, and not the people invited, that did not even knew him but wanted to make slogans and rants over his remains.”

It is still not clear why PKK announces the death of its members with a delay of several years. Are these people really killed in the conflict with the Turkish army? Where are their bodies buried now?



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