SHOCKING: Our family lost two young children to PJAK; Himan and Setareh

The lies and deceit of PKK/PJAK media, along with the extensive inhumane and human rights violation actions of these groups against their own members and their families, shows that it is necessary for international human rights institutions to intervene in the issue. And don’t let the many problems and pains of Iranian Kurdish families increase as a result of the policies of the European leaders of support for the Kurdish militia groups.

The policy of disappearance of PKK and PJAK has progressed in such a way that it has deceived and kidnapped two teenagers from the same family. The family is shook to its core. In this regard, a brother of Himan and Setareh Zadesh told the story of what happened to his brother and sister to Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch.



“My sister got married at a very young age, she was only fifteen years old. I myself was too young to intervene, even though I always felt this was wrong. Setareh was too young to be a wife, this caused a series of problems with her husband, who separated after a few years due to problems in their marital life. They simply did not get along.

She was still a minor when she got divorced and she lived in my father’s house. It had been a long time since PJAK members had been going back and forth in our village, and this issue caused the family to fear that my sister would be deceived, but unfortunately, sooner or later, this happened.

One day my sister disappeared, we looked everywhere for Setraeh, but there was no news of her, until one day the members of PJAK called us and announced that they had taken Setareh with them to Iraq, and that we should not come and look for her. Yet, my father couldn’t bear it, so he immediately went to Iraq to get my sister back, but all he faced there was their disrespect and accusations that my father was a spy.

But my father only wanted his daughter and nothing else, after that he inevitably returned to our village and until today he is only waiting for his daughter. Setareh was never interested in these groups and did not even know them. She was in puberty when she married, lived a secluded life there, and never finished her school. I am sure that they knew about the problems in my sister’s life and deceived her by using this case and false promises.”



“Three years after my sister was taken, PJAK also took my little brother from the family.

۳ years had passed since the kidnapping of our ‘little star’, my little brother Himan was extremely restless with missing his sister, he had just reached the age of adolescence (16) and was full of pride and zeal.

We knew that the members of PJAK would never allow us to even meet our sister, let alone give her back to us, but sometimes Himan screamed with rage and said that if they don’t give her back, I’ll go and find her myself…

But we didn’t take these words too seriously because he was not that old and at that time the movement of PJAK members into the village had decreased. When eventually they turned up, Himan vanished….

But we did not know how this happened and how it went?! The day my brother disappeared, we had no doubt that he was looking for his sister, we tried to find him and bring him back and make him regret his choice, but it was over.

Young Himan thought he could heroically go there and save his sister, but unfortunately he got caught there himself.

Now my little brother and sister are far from the family, our family has lost two children and we don’t know what we can do.

My father has turned into a zombie, he barely talks anymore.”

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