“With the cooperation of the KRG and Turkey,” Ahmet Bal was also killed

The hunter was hunted. According to Turkish official media, Ahmet Bal, codenamed Dara Kato, the head of the PKK’s intelligence service in the Matinan region and its subdivisions, was killed in the Kurdistan Region in collaboration with the Turkish intelligence service (MIT) and the Turkish army.

According to the report, after Turkey was informed, Ahmet Bal intended to meet with four other PKK members to hold secret meetings in Matinan, the necessary measures were taken to target the meeting place and all five people were killed.

The PKK has always accused the Kurdistan Regional Government of openly intelligence cooperation to target its senior commanders, and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) almost publicly cooperates with Turkey against the PKK. People, especially in rural areas, say that the PKK presence has caused the evacuation of more than a thousand villages and the destruction of their lives, and it must leave the region.

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