Bitter memories that can not be erased from the memory of “Dimen Barani”

The fact that the families of the deceived or abducted members of PJAK (Iranian Kurds) want their voices to be heard, their pain to be seen, and then someone or people to come to their aid and heal their many problems, is a matter to be reckoned with. IKHRW tries to pay special attention to it.

The heavy burden of the numerous problems that these families suffer after the loss of their children sometimes leads to the collapse and complete destruction of some of those families.

We have said many times about Iranian Kurdish families who have fallen victim to human rights violations such as enforced disappearances and the employment of child soldiers by militant groups such as the PKK / PJAK.

We also expressed their demands in their own language in the form of numerous conversations and reports.

These families are directly trying to address their specific audiences, including the Iranian government, domestic and foreign human rights organizations, the media and virtual activists, and finally the leaders of the PKK / PJAK.

But, it seems that the ear is not hearing and the sight is not ready to watch their great sorrow!

These individuals and families of the victims did not find their own destiny, they did not voluntarily get into this much economic, social and other problems, and neither of them is happy that their child or children were kidnapped or deceived by Kurdish militants. .

The family of Dimen Barani is one of several Iranian Kurdish families involved in these issues who have fallen victim to PJAK’s policy of using child soldiers.


Statement of Dimen Barani

According to Dimen Barani in an interview with Human Rights Watch in Iranian Kurdistan, PJAK forces abducted her, a simple agricultural girl who according to herself was “only 16 years old.”

“I did not know them at all and I only walked with them out of childish curiosity without telling my family, because I did not know they were going to take me somewhere and I walked along with them at some point,” she said. “They talked so much, and kept me well distracted. I remember panicking we’d gone so far from my home, and I remember blacking out. When I regained consciousness, I realized that we had left Iran and then, with all my insistence on returning home, they forced me to go to a training course somewhere far from the border, but I did not even know where their headquarters was and what the training course was they continued to talk about.”

As we have repeatedly emphasized, taking border children along has been and is one of the most common and widely used methods of recruiting in the PKK / PJAK.

Looking at the lives of the likes of “Dimen Barani”, we find the bitter point that although they managed to escape from the clutches of those groups, but the bitter memories will not be forgotten.

Dimen remembers being forced to do hard labor, being verbally abused by commanders all the time, and having a hard time to evade being sexually abused as well. Dimen had taken a great risk to simply one time at guard duty, put down her gun and ran many kilometers to the nearest village. It was Iraqi forces that helped connect her to the embassy, and finally to come home.

“Although I’ve been home for a year now, I still see them in my nightmares and I’m afraid they will take me with them again every night,” Dimen told us in an interview.

This shows the depth of ill-treatment of the members of those groups, even after the person has separated for a longer time, the person will still carry the trauma that has been caused.

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