Ebrahim Izadi’s father died, longing to see his son

The fact that the families of the deceived or abducted members of PJAK (Iranian Kurds) want their voices to be heard, their pain to be seen, and then someone or people to come to their aid and heal their many problems, is a matter to be reckoned with. IKHRW does its best to pay special attention to it.

The heavy burden of the numerous problems that these families suffer after the loss of their children sometimes leads to the collapse and complete destruction of some of those families.

We have reported numerous times about Iranian Kurdish families who have fallen victim to inhumane rights violations such as enforced disappearances and the employment of child soldiers in militant groups such as the PKK / PJAK.

We also expressed their demands in the form of numerous conversations and reports.

These families are – through IKHRW – directly addressing their specific audiences, including the Iranian government, domestic and foreign human rights organizations, the media and virtual activists, and finally the leaders of the PKK / PJAK.

Numerous trips to track down their children is just one of the challenges facing the families of victims of the policy of enforced disappearances and the employment of child soldiers in militant groups such as PJAK.

But, it seems that the ear is not hearing and the sight is not ready to watch their great sorrow! The group does not provide them with the wanted information, even though some of them had to sell belongings to make the trip to Iraq.

These children did not find their own destiny, they did not voluntarily get into the socio-economic misery that often comes before the time of recruitment, and neither of the families  are happy that their child or children were kidnapped or deceived by Kurdish militants. .

Ebrahim Izadi’s family is one of several Iranian Kurdish families involved in these issues who have fallen victim to PJAK’s policy of using child soldiers.

As Ibrahim’s brother said in an interview with the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, he was a very down-to-earth boy and never had any interest in joining various groups and parties and in the armed struggle.

He goes on to say that we looked for him everywhere, wherever you think of him. “Eventually, we thought of PJAK elements who sometimes entered the villages and took some young people with them.”

Yes, this “denial procedure” of the presence of people abducted or deceived by the PKK / PJAK forces has become commonplace, and unfortunately this inhumane approach to the separation of family members by this group is only met by silence. “Claimants for the defense of human rights” also obstain from supporting these families.

It is very unfortunate and, of course, thought-provoking that the lives and destinies of Iranian Kurdish individuals and families have been so much in the hands of the Europe-based leaders of PJAK and the PKK.

In another part of his conversation with the Human Rights Watch of Iranian Kurdistan, Ibrahim’s brother said a sentence that confirms the inhuman approach of these groups.

“About a few months after my father’s death, a friend suddenly informed us that Ibrahim’s name had been announced as one of those killed in the Turkish war. “We saw our brother as someone who was in the PKK and was killed in the war with Turkey.”

The fact that a father died in the absence of his son and out of excessive worry and grief, that Ibrahim’s father passed away with the desire and longing to see and embrace his son, is it anything but the violation of the basic and human rights of individuals by PKK / PJAK forces?!

Why the problems of Iranian Kurdish families as Iranian citizens are always overshadowed by the media / cyberspace and, consequently, the authorities themselves, raises a big question mark and we have not been able to find a convincing answer to it. If something happens in the cities, there will be newsreports, but there is silence about the situation in Kurdistan.

Perhaps this level of discrimination in the publication and coverage of news related to the oppression perpetrated by these groups against Iranian Kurdish families is due to the attitude of some managers and officials of the Iranian government who are very indifferent to the issues of border areas. They just want to solve the problems of the people of these areas by saying some slogans in electiontimes!

While condemning such actions by Kurdish militant groups, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch calls on all domestic and foreign human rights groups and associations to pay more and more serious attention to resolving the problems of Iranian Kurdish families.

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