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Iranian bodyguard of PKK leader Murad Karayilan: Killing confirmed

In a special news item, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) announced in April 2021 that “Turkish security forces had killed a former bodyguard of Murad Karayilan, commander of the PKK’s armed wing”. The Turkish Interior Ministry said in a statement that the terrorist, Horam Awiyer, whose real name was Hassan Mahmoudi, had been […]

Neighbouring to death: From school to the battlefield / KDPI Continues to Abduct and Deceive Kurdish Under Ages

In terms of water resources and vegetation, the border areas of Western Iran are among the richest ones of the countryThese natural landscapes have always had suitable opportunities to be taken advantage for agriculture, raising animals and related industry, while the unique beauty of this part of Iran offers opportunities to attract tourists for making […]

Asking the KDPI: What happened to Sardar Tabnak?

It seems the city of Oshnaviyeh has turned into a base for the armed men of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) while the Iranian government and military-security agencies are silent. The KDPI uses Oshnaviyeh as its largest recruiting center. Apart from terrorist activities, the children recruitment as soldiers by the KDPI is an […]

Two more families join anti-PKK sit-in in SE Turkey

Group of families in southeastern Turkey await return of their children abducted, forcibly recruited by terrorists Two more families joined the months-long sit-in protest against the PKK terror group in southeastern Turkey on Friday. Families of children abducted or forcibly recruited by the PKK terror group have been protesting for more than a year in […]

Girls who promise to marry and illegitimate relationships for recruitment by terrorist groups

Girls who promise to marry and illegitimate relationships for recruitment by terrorist groups A report on the losses and threats by the PJAK group in the border areas of Western Iran (part two and final) Following reports on abducted children in Iranian border villages, the reporter of Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) has talked […]

Iranian Kurdish families repeatedly deceived and wandered

As the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) reports confirm by quoting local sources in Kurdistan province, Iran, some extremist and separatist groups active in the border areas of Iran, using the neighboring countries as a base for their destructive activities, continue to provide their armed men by deceiving and abducting the children while these […]

PJAK must answer; where are both Jamal and Murad Arash?

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) report, the deception, abduction and transfer of Iranian Kurdish underages to the camps of the PJAK terrorist group is a bitter story that dates years ago while it does not seem to end. The recruitment of the underages, their deception, and finally the fact that even […]

The peculiar story surrounding the tragedic death of Asrin Mohammadi

By Hedwig Kuijpers / https://medium.com At last, after two years of appealing by Iran-based Human Rights watchdogs, the silence on the fate of Asrin Mohammadi – lovingly nicknamed Sonia by her parents – is broken. Yet, the news of her death as published by PJAK raises new questions on her case. The 13-year old girl […]

Nasser Alizadeh, unknown fate?

To determine the fate of the lives of the other Iranian members of PJAK, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) reporter contacted Nasser Alizadeh’s family. Nasser Alizadeh is the son of Aladdin, born in 1992, and a villager from Qotur Khoy. His family, who are also struggling with earthquake damage these days, are deeply […]