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Tax collection; The latest extortion by PKK affiliates in Syria

The PKK-affiliated Autonomous Administration in northern and eastern Syria has announced the adoption of a tax law for the residents in the areas under their control for the first time. This law is unprecedented since the control of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northern and eastern Syria. The PKK-affiliated Autonomous Administration in northern and eastern […]

A former member: “Having economic and family problems, I was deceived by PJAK”

In an interview, A. Mahmudi, a former PJAK member, codenamed as Awat, born on 01/05/1999 in a village of Chalderan city, West Azerbaijan province, Iran, said: “My father had workshop in the area that went bankrupt. This led the family to many difficulties and challenges.” “Due to financial and family problems, I left home and […]

Hotel Sileen has closed its doors

The tourist attraction of western Iran is the idyllic region of Hewraman. The area is known worldwide for its breathtaking mountain formations, the river Sirwan, the many springs, the winding roads with a new view around every corner, and the beautiful villages built against the cliff, where people still walk around in traditional Kurdish clothing […]

Urgent / IKHRW Statement on Violation of Citizenship Rights of Kurdish Villagers in Urmia

Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) issued a statement regarding the violation of the rights of the residents of Arbilan village in Urmia. The statement addressed the representatives of West Azerbaijan Province in the Iranian Parliament, the Police Command and Prosecutor of West Azerbaijan Province, the Vice President for Legal Affairs and institutions related to […]

Ruddier Schoenfeldt: ISIS and PKK threat is the same for Europe

Germany is one of the main centers of PKK and itsbranches activity in Europe. The German Internal Intelligence Agency published a 40-page report in February last year, in which it considered the presence and activities of the PKK as a serious threat to the security of the whole Europe. In this regard, the former German […]

Omer Ozkilcik: Saudi Arabia and UAE fund PKK

In an interview, Omer Ozkilcik, a security analyst at the SETA Foundation, answering the question “Who fund the PKK?” said: “The PKK has some financial resources. But the most important of them is drug trafficking. The PKK is active in the crime of drug trafficking and its distribution internationally. It is active in the field […]

Europol report: PKK ramps up crimes against Turkish immigrants in Germany

Europol, the police authority of Europe, said in its latest report that crimes by the PKK terrorists increased in the last year, as “an act of vengeance” for Turkey’s counter-terror operation in Syria’s Afrin, Serekaniye and Tal Abyad regions. The European police authority announced that the PKK terrorists have ramped up crimes against Turkish facilities […]