Kurdish singer: Turkish gendarmerie warned me not to sing a Kurdish song, otherwise…

Jasim Bashboga, a Kurdish singer from the Tatvan region of Turkey’s Bitlis province, known as Jasim the Singer, announced that the gendarmerie had summoned him and officially warned him that he had no right to sing in Kurdish. The singer added: “I was taken to a room in the gendarmerie where it was written” MIT/Turkish Intelligence “and then the person in charge asked the others to leave the room. “I warn you that this is the last time we will summon. If you sing in Kurdish again, you will lose your head.”

In Turkey, according to its anti-human laws, speaking Kurdish is a crime. Despite the warm relations between Turkey and Europe and the country’s commitment to respecting the rights of its citizens to join the European Union, Western countries ignore these clear violations of the rights of the Kurds by Turkey.

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