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Turkey banned the Kurdish language in social media, too

Turkey’s anti-Kurdish policy is taking on new dimensions every day. While the Kurdish language has been officially banned in Turkey for nearly a century, and even Kurdish politicians have been and continue to be indifferent to it, Turkey is imposing more and more restrictions on the Kurdish language. Qars Governor Turker Okuz dissolved the city […]

Kurdish singer: Turkish gendarmerie warned me not to sing a Kurdish song, otherwise…

Jasim Bashboga, a Kurdish singer from the Tatvan region of Turkey’s Bitlis province, known as Jasim the Singer, announced that the gendarmerie had summoned him and officially warned him that he had no right to sing in Kurdish. The singer added: “I was taken to a room in the gendarmerie where it was written” MIT/Turkish […]

New ban on Kurdish language in Turkey

According to the Turkish constitution, all citizens of that country officially are called as Turk and everyone’s language is considered as Turkish. If a person introduces himself as a non-Turk, he “commits an illegal act.” For the past century or so, even speaking Kurdish has been banned. In the latest move, the government ordered that […]

Member of banned Turkish music group dies after hunger strike

A member of a popular folk music group that is banned in Turkey has died on the 288th day of a hunger strike. The singer and a colleague had started the strike while imprisoned to protest at the government’s treatment of their band, according to a post on the group’s Twitter account. Grup Yorum, known […]