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Understanding Iran; an Impenetrable Bulwark Strategically Located between West and East

Iran as a Mountain Bulwark To properly understand Iran’s position in the Middle East, one must not only look at its religion, internal affairs or its complex foreign politics, but simply its topography and history. One look at the map shows you several important facts about the country. Iran is a vast country, it measures […]

“When strategy collapses; the PKK’s urban terrorist campaign”

This is the title of a book by Murad Yeshiltash and Najdat Ozchelik at the Seta Foundation. This book has 5 chapters. In the foreward of this book, the authors name the PKK alongside terrorist groups such as ISIS and as a group identified as a serious threat to regional stability and security. The authors […]

Women in the PKK: ideology or strategy?

PKK pretends to have freed the Kurdish women and tries to portray them as an example so as to export its ideaolgy to the Western countries. The following analysis is on the real situation on the women in the PKK and its branches: The PKK/KCK, seeing the benefits of involving women in its terror campaign, […]