Bloody internal conflicts in PJAK; Who had Mehdi Rezaei killed?

Due to their closed structure, dictatorship and authoritarianism of leaders, terrorist groups and armed and mafia sects, such as the PKK and PJAK, have never tolerated any opposition or criticism. These bloody internal executions and repressions could involve all members of the group.

In fact, in the PKK, with the exception of Ocalan and his very close circle, many PKK members have faced imprisonment, humiliation, execution and removal. The PKK has repeatedly called its opponents and critics traitors, spies, seditionists and enemies of the Kurdish people, and has self-given the right to eliminate these critics in the name of the Kurdish people.

Due to the PKK’s authoritarian and dictatorial structure, Ocalan has ordered the execution of thousands of PKK members and key cadres. In his famous book Derin Sol (Deep Left), Turkish writer Hakki Oznur has revealed a documented account of PKK executions within the organization. “Ocalan has ordered the execution of about 100 members of the Central Committee and the leadership cadre,” he wrote. Thousands of soldiers and lower-ranking members were also killed due to repeated disobedience to the commander Ocalan.

In the latest example of PJAK’s internal executions and the highly suspicious elimination of members by the group, the Firat News Agency reported the deaths of two PJAK members in April 1400, claiming that the Iranian government had assassinated them. But a closer look at the matter, as well as observing the black record of PJAK and the PKK in eliminating critics and opponents, makes this claim of PJAK unbelievable.

The story goes that the Firat News Agency, affiliated with the PKK and PJAK terrorists, claimed in April 1400, “On 04/02/2021, two members of PJAK named Zagros Mani (Mehdi Rezaei) and Savgar Chia, who was carrying out his duties within the framework of organizing the people in the Sheler River area of ​​the city of Penjwin in the Kurdistan Region, was killed as a result of a conspiracy.”

In this regard, and considering the history of PJAK in the murder of Iranian members and the announcement of their death after months and years, there are some serious questions by public opinion:

Why should the news of the death of two Iranian members of PJAK / PKK, which was allegedly assassinated by the Iranian government, be announced with a delay of about 2 months? Were these two people were also killed in the mountains due to the bombing of Turkish planes, which PJAK announces their death with a delay? Two prominent Iranian members of PJAK were killed in a conspiracy. Why should the news of their death be announced late?

Why does PJAK not publish a document to prove its (false) claim? What conspiracy can kill two armed members of PJAK in an instant? The person who killed these two people must have shot at very closely. Why didn’t PJAK forces arrest him?

What exactly were these two PJAK members doing in Penjwin while were easily targeted and killed? Basically, does the terrorist group have other duties besides assassination and extortion?

Zagros Mani’s father told the media that “years ago, after receiving a bachelor’s degree from the university, Mehdi intended to go abroad, but I could not help him due to financial difficulties and I could not travel with him”. Isn’t this financial impossibility, like similar cases, a good opportunity for PJAK to deceive and attract members? Why does PJAK kidnap children and deceive young people and, in the end, not even deliver the bodies of members to the family? How can this group, which has recruited the Kurds by deception and bribery, consider itself a defender of the rights of the Kurdish people? Why was the information of his death not published correctly and in a timely manner?

Can it be said that these people were punished for understanding the nature of the PJAK terrorist sect? Is it possible to say PJAK killed these two people while fleeing? Why should the news of the death of these two known members in an easily accessible area be announced with a delay of two months? What happened to the bodies of these people? Why shouldn’t the families of these people even know where their children have been buried?

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