Why do PKK-affiliated media publish invalid news? / Additional information about “Mahmoud Salehi”

In statements made by the PKK-affiliated media about one of the “missing Iranian Kurdish children”, the person was named Mahmoud Salaahi, while his name was “Mahmoud Salehi”. In Persian pronunciation, this is not a misspelling, but a completely different name.

This information was sent by one of his friends to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch and he requested that the matter be reported.

Mahmoud was born on April 4, 1993 in the city of Dalahou in Kermanshah.

The PKK and PJAK affiliated media outlets broadcast from Sweden reported that he was killed on August 19, 2016 in the Agri region during a clash with the Turkish army, but this information can not be confirmed.

PJAK terrorists, who deceived a child into a war and sent him to the areas of conflict with the Turkish army, claim without any explanation or documentation that he was killed in a large area that cannot be investigated at all, while they also named him. They did not publish it correctly, so the other information that has been published about him cannot be trusted.


It is also not clear who killed him and where is his body ?!

The ambiguities about the deaths of PKK and PJAK militants are so great that the news can not be verified in any way.

Mahmoud Salahi, a friend whose information is kept with the Observatory, stressed that no one in Iran is seeking to assign these children and young people.

It is true that they joined a terrorist group, but the likes of Mahmoud were young at the time of their membership, and they were minors and therefore could not recognize the issues and were easily deceived, but in any case, these people are Iranian citizens and The Iranian government should prosecute those who have leaked information about them through the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government and Sweden.

Unfortunately, there are so many such cases that if a “fact-finding group” is formed, it cannot easily decipher an organized crime.

Mahmoud’s father apparently deceased and unfortunately the heat of his son’s disappearance has made him suffer until the last days of his life.

A friend of Mahmoud Salehi told the Observer that Mahmoud’s membership in PJAK was due to friendship with people such as Meysam.D, Mashallah.D and Gholamreza.K (The information of these people is available to IKHRW and they were among those who went after  children and minors and handed them over to PJAK).

Mahmoud’s friend, in the information he sent to IKHRW, said that PJAK announced on September 1, 2016 on its television broadcast from Sweden that Mahmoud had died in a clash with the Turkish army.

Mahmoud’s friend stated that his family wanted to take Mahmoud’s body home, but the PKK played with them and several times when his brother Muhammad and his cousin Amir went to Iraq to deliver the body, they said that his mother should come, who later also received a negative answer.


Therefore, Mahmoud’s family also concluded that there was basically no corpse.

Mahmoud’s friend continued that a former PKK member from Javanroud told him that many PKK and PJAK members who were killed in the clashes were left in the mountains and that most of the wild animals ate their bodies. Other bodies, taken by Turkish soldiers to morgues in cities in the South-East had been retrieved and brought home after diplomatic intervention. In this case, the Turkish state held no body.

This person also said that there were cases in which the PKK and PJAK announced that someone had been killed, but it was later revealed that he had either escaped, or that the person was actually still alive..

In the case of Mahmoud, in the news that they have published, his name has been altered, so there is a possibility that something else has happened to him.

Mahmoud’s friend further explains that the other possibility is that the person died as a result of falling from a mountain or drowning in a river, but the PKK never says this, but declares that the person during the conflict with Turkey or Iran has been killed, and in order for their lie to be believable, they match the date of his death with the date of a conflict, because it is not possible to evaluate it at all.

Earlier, Human Rights Watch in Iranian Kurdistan published a report on the situation of Mahmoud Salehi as one of the missing Iranian Kurdish children.

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