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Dr. Ortaj: The PKK-affiliated authority does not allow the release of Yazidi women in the ISIS camp in North Syria

Dr. Erfan Ortaj, head of the Yazidi Kurdish Consultative Association in Germany, criticizes the PKK-affiliated administarion in North Syria, while demanding that their Association be allowed to enter inside the ISIS camps to recognize the Yazidi women and girls so as to release. “The Administarion prevents this and says it will release one Yazidi every […]

Yazidi woman video message: “PKK threatens but we will not remain silent”

Simultaneously with the increase in the kidnapping of Yazidi children in Shangal/Sinjar by the PKK, with the aim of recruiting them as child soldiers, the Yazidi Kurds also expressed their dissatisfaction with the PKK. A Kurdish Yazidi woman says in a video: “ISIL threatened us, they kidnapped our children, they threatened to kill us. The […]

A statement by the German Yazidi Association to the PKK: Release the Yazidi child soldiers

A few hours ago, the German Yazidi Association issued a statement in German against the PKK. “We do not want the PKK to use the Yazidis for ideological purposes, and we ask it to end their membership in the Shangal Defense Units (YBŞ).” The statement said, “After the defeat of ISIS, the PKK established its […]

“Shengal must be autonomous with a self-governing constitution”

With his statement on the 6th commemoration of the Yazidi massacre of the 3rd of August, 2014, SDF commander Mazloum Kobane, calls for the Yazidi people to have autonomy, with a self-governing constitution. Thousands of Yazidis have been murdered, enslaved, and many are still missing. Thousands still live in IDP camps throughout North-Iraq, unable to […]