Yazidi woman video message: “PKK threatens but we will not remain silent”

Simultaneously with the increase in the kidnapping of Yazidi children in Shangal/Sinjar by the PKK, with the aim of recruiting them as child soldiers, the Yazidi Kurds also expressed their dissatisfaction with the PKK. A Kurdish Yazidi woman says in a video: “ISIL threatened us, they kidnapped our children, they threatened to kill us. The PKK is now doing the same to us as the ISIS.”

“When our children are abducted and threatened at the same time, it shows that the ISIL massacre against us is still going on, but this time it is being carried out by the PKK. The PKK has kidnapped my son,” she said. “And I have not seen my child for six years.”

This mother of a PKK child soldier continued “We will not give in to these threats. We are honest  people and will not remain silent. We do not accept this dirty policy. The presence of the PKK has caused destruction and misery in Sinjar. The group prohibits entry into the Sinjar mountains while kidnapping our children.”

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