Exclusive; Firat News Agency explicitly and horrifically confesses on the abduction and murder of Iranian Kurdish teenagers

Since the beginning of 2020 and according to popular reports received by the reporters of the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW), it has been releasing documents and information containing organized actions by PJAK terrorist forces and its affiliated network on the Iranian border to deceive, abduct and transfer Iranian teenagers to PJAK/PKK camps in Qandil Mountain. The IKHRW revealed that a person named Kaveh Saqezi, a PJAK member, is the main person in the kidnapping and deception network of Iranian Kurdish teenagers. Children and adolescents such as Asrin Mohammadi, Nasser Alizadeh, Benjamin Farajzadeh, Nian Darvishi, and three others were among those abducted by PJAK and Kaveh Saqezi network and given to the PKK in Qandil. In fact, Kaveh Saqezi, by deceiving, abducting and transferring Iranian Kurdish children to the camps of the PJAK terrorist group, has provided the ground for their death and killing. At the same time, many Iranian Kurdish families whose children had been abducted by the man and his team and taken to PJAK camps called on the human rights organization’s lawyers to follow up the cases. While observing the reliable news of the death of those children in PJAK camps, the IKHRW also published their exact details.

Since then, and almost a year after the revelations by the IKHRW, the Firat News Agency, the propaganda organ of the PKK/PJAK terrorist group, and the telegram channels affiliated with this mafia group, have repeatedly tried to make false denials aiming at passively denying their role in the abduction of Iranian Kurdish children. The culmination of these ridiculous denials occurred in the case of Asrin Mohammadi. Aryen TV, which plays a key role in spreading the PKK’s lies, has resorted to ridiculous yet multifaceted scenarios to absolve the group’s leaders and PJAK-affiliated kidnappers such as Kaveh Saqezi of criminal liability. The nauseating show of the Aryen TV had an actor: “Asrin Mohammadi’s father”. A child abducted and killed by PJAK.

What is the story of Asrin Mohammadi?

The PKK’s Firat News Agency has repeatedly published articles about child soldiers and tried to refute various international documents about the group’s role in child abduction and conscription in the Middle East. Firat even went so far as to claim: “Iranian and Turkish intelligence agencies had launched a campaign aiming at deceiving public opinion with the slogan” kidnapping children “to put pressure on the Kurdistan Liberation Movement (PKK), the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) “The People’s Defense Units (YPG) and the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ). In fact, Firat claimed that the information, documents and photographs of the IKHRW were false and that the group had no child soldiers. While the photos published by the PKK were clear evidence of the abduction and deception of Kurdish children and their being killed. The IKHRW believes that the story of the child soldiers in the PKK/PJAK is a pure fact. The images of Firat are also self-explanatory. Instead of denying, clumsy lying and passive denial, Firat and the PKK should accept the truth, release the children and condemn terrorism, extortion and murder. The achievement of the PKK’s four decades of war has been just one thing: Kurdish displacement. At the same time, the IKHRW had suggested to the Firat and the PKK to release all children in a simple process to prove its good will. But the PKK seems to have forgotten its false veils and passive denials, and has recently been openly proud of the children it has killed or has them killed. If the PKK manipulated the age and photos of children to hide their children and their young age  in the past, Firat News Agency recently published blatantly and rudely all the photos of children killed in the PKK. And it does not answer the question why it announces the death of these people with delay? At what age and how were these children recruited or abducted to learn about the absurd philosophy of the group’s leader Apo? How long should Kurdish children be victims of the war between the PKK and the Turkish army? Why should children take up arms at this age? Why does the PKK recruit children in war?

In an interview with the IKHRW reporter, Firat and its Telegram channel admininstrator, has explicitly admitted the existence of child soldiers in this group, as well as the crimes of PJAK. These confessions clearly show that all the denials of the Firat and the PKK are pure lies, and that this group is responsible for the abduction and murder of Kurdish children. The administrator of the Firat news agency admitted that he had kidnapped Diyar Jahanbakhsh and transferred him to PKK camps.

PJAK’s deadly silence on the fate of Diyar Jahanbakhsh

Thus, it can be concluded that the Firat News Agency and the PKK media team are in fact a terrorist group parallel to the PKK’s operational and field forces, abducting and torturing children. The administrator of the Firat News Agency has revealed other crimes. He openly confesses to the brutal killing of Iranian government forces in order to expose the nature of this terrorist group.

Therefore, according to these documents and the confession of the PKK news agency and the forces of this terrorist group, from now on we can be more confident of a stable and systematic procedure regarding the abduction and killing of children and terrorist acts in the PKK/PJAK. There is a practice that has existed in this group and its branches for the last four decades and has no purpose other than killing the Kurds. The PKK is really the cause of the misery of the Kurds and the destruction of Kurdistan. Will the Firat News Agency still deny the existence of child soldiers and PKK/PJAK terrorist acts?

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