Kolbar is a project to stop economic development of Kurdistan

Kolbar is a term used for the Kurdish porter workers carrying goods while illegally crossing the Irano-Iraqi border. The problems dates back decades ago but it is more propagaged than before. Given that Kolbar-Porter is not an ordinary job, it does not have a legal definition paving the way for solving the related problems or risks.

While some young people lose their lives by porting the goods through the border, the Iranian authorities have suggested to find a way for economic development so as to prevent the young people being involved in the dangerous Kolbar-porting goods, some experts believe that establishing bordering officila gates between Iran and Iraq could contribute the economic situation of the Kurdish regions.

As Eshaq Jahangiri, the deputy vice-president and the Parliament have suggested the government is to implement economic projects in the deprived bordering regions believing that this could help the locals to avoid porting goods as Kolbars.    

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