Girls deprived from heritage

Human rights are basic ones belonging to everybody with no exceptions. As the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says there is no racial, ethnic, linguistic or other kinds of reasons letting a person, a group or a country deprive the other / others from their basic rights including the heritage one, but what is seen in the real life is, in many cases, quite different that what must be. The Kurdish traditional society is an example of violating the girls and women’s basic rights.

One of the cases of flagrant violations of human rights in the Kurdish traditional society, specially the Northern part of the Iranian province of West Azerbaijan, is the girls’s being deprived from the family heritage, this means, when the parents die while leaving a heritage for the children, this one is just dedicated to the male children and the female ones have no choice but to be silent.

This has led to some consequencies in both short and long term periods in the society. The girls have to work at home, usually making carpets, washing wahtever needed for other family members, and this while they should not got to school or have to go to school until the end of primary school, as the traditional society considers the girls’s studying as a sign of disrespect to the honest of the tribe. This is in contradition with all basic human rights and must come to an end.  

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