Military expert: If the PKK remains in Qarachogh, it is a partner of ISIS there

The PKK militants have joined ISIS in pressuring the Kurdistan Region, Military Expert Muhammad Sabir, claimed to Kurdistan 24.

The military expert also said: “What the PKK is really doing in Qarachogh, this area is now the battlefield of ISIS, and the presence of PKK and any other force in that area is effectively helping ISIS to put pressure on the Kurdistan Region.”

He also clarified that the security gap that was created in the area is a direct result of the existence of PKK forces there.

He also said: “The PKK has caused threats to Kurdistan and has justified the militaries of neighboring countries to martyr citizens of the Kurdistan Region, and as a result of their presence in the region, many villages have been evacuated.”

He also said: “PKK has caused the lack of a Sinjar alliance between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Baghdad, and the PKK remains present in Sinjar to pressure against the Kurdistan Region.

According to the Kurdistan Correspondent 24, one of the places where ISIS has benefited from attacking Peshmerga and hiding is Mount Qarachogh, and there remain several PKK fighters on Mount Qarachogh.



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