Kolbars victims of under-development

Kolbras are Kurdish porter workers who illegally carry goods from Iran to Iraq and vice versa. They do it because of being located in the bordering region which are usually under-developed. Tens of Kolbars have lost their lives so far while the latest ones are Azad and Farhad, two 14 and ۱۷ years brothers, who died in snow and cold in Tahtah mountains of Ney village of Mariwan city of Western Iran.

In an exclusive interview to Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW), Kak Aboobakr, the uncle of the two dead young men, said: “The region is under-developed, There no factories nor needed facilities for the employment of the young people who are mostly from poor families and have to leave school for working.”

He added by saying that Azad and Farhad had left school while their father was and is collecting plastic and paper goods from the binboxes to earn money. They were six in the family but they have lost two and this is very saddening.

Kak Aboobakr said that the government must invest in the region and confirmed that many investors hesitate to do so in the region and this because of risks and dangers they face resulting from some Kurdish armed groups which have been involved in activities such as extortion, robbery and even attacking the state agencies.

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