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Ethnic cleansing in Afrin: The case of the city of Rajo

Since its invasion of the Syrian Kurdish canton of Afrin in March 2018, Turkey has carried out ethnic cleansing of this territory north of Aleppo. Before this invasion, the canton had a population of about 300,000 inhabitants, nearly 98% Kurds and it also hosted, according to UN statistics, 125,000 internally displaced persons, mostly Kurds fleeing […]

How the NY Times whitewashed Turkey’s human rights record in Syria

By Syrians for Truth and Justice The New York Times recently published an article about Turkey’s role protecting civilians in the areas it controls in Syria’s Afrin region. For many Americans, this will be the most recent, if not the only, news they hear about Afrin. However, the article offers an unbalanced portrait of the […]

Turkish-affiliated terrorist groups kidnap women and girls in Afrin

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) and the “Afrin Missing Women Organization”, in its December 2020 report [1], the new statistics on the abduction of Afrin women and girls by terrorist groups affiliated with Turkey are high. According to this report, 128 young women and girls have been kidnapped by Turkish-affiliated terrorist […]

Kidnappings of women in Afrin and why the Turks don’t stop it

The Afrin region is famous throughout Syria for its beautiful green and hilly landscape, filled with olive trees. Kurds refer to it as the ‘garden of Eden’ and Kurds and Arabs have lived together in peace under the rulings of both Hafez and Bashar al-Assad. The multi-ethnic city of Afrin has been gripped by violence […]

Clashes erupt between Turkish proxies in Ras al-Ayn after rape case

Fierce clashes erupted today between the Suqur a-Shammal faction and fighters from Deir Ezzor (Jaysh & Ahrar a-Sharqiya) in Ras al-Ayn after a Suqur fighter kidnapped a woman originally from Deir Ezzor to rape her. Ras al-Ayn was captured from the SDF in the last Turkish invasion of NE Syria and is now ruled by […]

PKK sets off carbomb in Afrin

Here you can see the camera images of the truck that exploded in Afrin today and killed at least 42 women and children and wounded many others. The IED attack in Afrin city was detonated between a busy marketplace and a military institution, leading to many deaths. And yes, one of the YPG acronyms was […]

Havoc in Afrin; an analysis

Two years ago, during January 2018, Turkey threatened to launch a major operation in northwestern Syria’s Afrin region. Eventually Turkey did launch the operation, leading to tens of thousands fleeing the Kurdish area. Syrian rebels, some of them linked to religious extremists, vow to defeat the mostly Kurdish fighters who have been working with the […]

Terrorists resettle 3,000 families in Afrin

Afrin, now occupied by the Turkish army and armed and terrorist groups supported by Turkey, is in a deplorable situation. Human rights organizations active in Afrin said in a report that Turkish intelligence and anti-Syrian armed terrorists agreed in Urfa city, Turkey, to change the demography of Afrin, Idlib and suburbs of Aleppo. According to […]