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Iranian bodyguard of PKK leader Murad Karayilan: Killing confirmed

In a special news item, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) announced in April 2021 that “Turkish security forces had killed a former bodyguard of Murad Karayilan, commander of the PKK’s armed wing”. The Turkish Interior Ministry said in a statement that the terrorist, Horam Awiyer, whose real name was Hassan Mahmoudi, had been […]

A night without saying goodbye, when terrorists shoot at humanity

July 20, 2018. It was 10 pm. The ring road of Kamyaran city was silent and there was no car passing like every night. A car was passing every few minutes at that time of the night, breaking the silence of the night for a moment, and silence and calm came everywhere once again. But […]

Turkish Ministry of Defense tweeted: 6 PKK members were neutralized

“Our heroic commandos conducted another successful operation in the Peace Spring area,” the Turkish Defense Ministry said on its Twitter account. Six PKK / YPG. terrorists who tried to disrupt security and peace were thwarted.” The Ministry of Defense also shared a short video of the operation. In a separate move, the Mardin provincial gendarmerie […]

Abdullah Hawez: More PKK die in the KRG than inside Turkey

Abdulla Hawez, a Kurdish analyst who writes exclusively on Kurdish issue, made an important point on his Twitter account that has received less attention. The Kurdish analyst writes, “Since 2020, the number of PKK casualties in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has been higher than in Turkey itself since the beginning of the armed uprising […]

Another Kurd killed in Germany

It was Friday night in Dortmund as the small, physically impaired 41-year old Kurdish man from Mardin, Turkey – named Ibrahim Demir – was brutally murdered on his way home. Ibrahim Demir lived in Dortmund for years. He was only 1.42 tall and had visited his mother that night. The last person to have seen […]

Raqqah civilian died from torture in SDF prison

Ali Hasan Sheikh Muhammad, born in 1977, from Raqqah city, was a father of three small children. He was arrested on 6 July 2015 by Syrian Democratic Forces at the Marash Binar crossing in Ein Arab city, while he was travelling with other civilians to pass the border to Turkey. He was trying to flee […]

۱۰th anniversary of the murdering of Sardasht Osman

Today is the tenth anniversary of the murdering of Sardasht Osman. He was an Erbil-based journalist and was killed for his 348-word satire titled “I am in love with Barzani’s daughter”, in which he compared how vastly different his life would be as a member of the Barzani family, notorious for its vast wealth and […]

PKK sets off carbomb in Afrin

Here you can see the camera images of the truck that exploded in Afrin today and killed at least 42 women and children and wounded many others. The IED attack in Afrin city was detonated between a busy marketplace and a military institution, leading to many deaths. And yes, one of the YPG acronyms was […]

Turkey bombs Makhmour camp

Makhmur Refugee Camp, which was founded in 1998, lies in the Makhmour district of North Iraq. It hosts about 12,000 Kurdish pro-PKK refugees, who fled the civil war between the PKK and the Turkish state in the 1990s. Reportedly, several Iranian families with PKK ties have been tricked and moved to Makhmour Camp in the […]

SDF Commander shoots himself

In the Al-Hos area of eastern Raqqah, a SDF commander shot himself earlier today. Our contact on the ground said that Aboud Ayman Al-Hamdan, known as “Akid,” shot himself while cleaning his personal pistol, at one of the military headquarters of the PKK-affiliated militia in the Al-Hos area, east of Raqqa. The contact pointed out […]
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