PKK Abducts Six Civilians, Forces Families to Speak Against Their Children

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has abducted six civilians in the Qandil area of Kurdistan Region and now forces their families to speak against the abductees.

PKK-affiliated media outlets have published statements from several people who commend the PKK for abducting their children on alleged spy charges.

In the statements, a woman, said to be the mother of one abductee, says her son “is paying for his mistake”, a controversial statement that is rather to legitimize the unlawful actions of the PKK against the people of Kurdistan Region.

Another man, claiming to be the father of an abductee, says they agreed to any punishment decided by the PKK in relation with the “mistake” of their son.

This has sparked a debate in the Kurdistan Region, questioning the PKK’s legitimacy for arresting and trying the people of Kurdistan inside its military bases in the mountains.

PKK itself is an outlawed armed group in the Kurdistan Region and Iraqi territories, political observers emphasize, noting that it is not in the position to force its ideology on the people.

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