People address the PKK: Get out of Sinjar immediately

Reports from Shangal/Sinjar indicate that the families of dozens of Yazidi children abducted to be recruited as child soldiers by the PKK protested, calling on the Iraqi government and human rights organizations to help return their children and from the PKK.

People say the presence of PKK in Sinjar caused many people to be displaced and they have not been able to return, and those who have returned are mistreated by PKK-affiliated armed groups. “We want the world to hear us. Human rights organizations and the United Nations should help us. The PKK is kidnapping our children and not returning them. We have no contact with our children. “Whenwe  ask the PKK to bring our children back, it threatens us.”

Sirvan Rojbe, deputy governor of Nineveh province, says the PKK has turned life into hell for the Yazidi Kurds. Yazidi Kurds become victims among PKK-affiliated armed groups. Their children are at risk. They do not dare to walk freely. The Yazidis have been displaced for six years and are waiting to return.

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