Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) report on the latest status of Ms. #Zeinab_Jalalian’s case

We would like to inform you that the case of Ms. Zeinab Jalalian is of human importance that is why the IKHRW follows it. Our findings are published in a report in the following link we send you:

We also heard the news published by the media affiliated to #PJAK and immediately followed it through our lawyers. The results obtained so far indicate no new judicial case has been filed against Ms. Jalalian. We have also followed up her where being and the Iranian Judiciary has assured our lawyers she is in perfect health and peace, and there is nothing to worry about. They also promised one of the IKHRW lawyers would be able to meet her soon.

This is a very good progress in the cooperation of a non-governmental organization (NGO) with the judiciary, helped by the head of the Iranian judiciary, but the good-intended reports of the IKHRW have also been very effective and have put her case on the right path.

Unfortunately, PJAK, as it recruited Ms. Jalalian at the age of 14 for violent and armed activities, is also trying to exploit her imprisonment as a propaganda, and this is very cowardly and immoral. We have also been informed that PJAK is abusing the low-income family of Ms. Jalalian, creating problems for them and confusing their minds by providing incorrect news, and then quoting the suffering family as saying unrealistic information.

However, as detailed in the #IKHRW report, PJAK’s human rights case-making has been used to deceive charitable human rights organizations for immoral political and propaganda motives.

Our legal experts believe such media blackmails, as in the past, make it impossible to follow Ms. Jalalian’s case through legal channels. We are ready to share our findings with credible human rights organizations everywhere.

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