Russia and America play cat and mouse in North-East Syria

Yesterday, we could see how the brave people of Qamishlo helped the legitimate government’s National Defense Force to prevent a US patrol from entering Qamishlo.
Today, the US forces tried to enter the PYD/PKK-controlled city once again. This time, Russian patrols blocked the road between Hasakah and Qamishlo so that the US patrol could not approach the city. Reports state that the people of the surrounding Arab villages clapped and cheered, shouting slogans against the American occupier and proclaimed Bashar al-Assad to be the only force they will accept.
At another location, near Rumailan, the Americans intercept another patrol by the Russian military police.
As you can see, Syria’s Hasakah governate has become a playground for international forces to show off their tanks, and play cat and mouse.

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