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Why is Syrian military deploying in Kurdish-held areas?

The Syrian government seeks to strengthen its military presence in Ain Issa and the area overlooking the M4 international highway, which are under control of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces. ALEPPO, Syria — The Syrian government, with the support of Russia, is trying to boost its military presence in the areas of northeastern Syria controlled […]

Panic in North-East Syria: Russia threatens to leave Til Temir

For months we have witnessed the cat-and-mouse game Russia and the USA have been playing in North-East Syria. Last year, when the USA left the area and the Kurdish people to Turkish invasion, it was the Syrian army and the Russian-Turkish peace deal that saved the Kurds. The USA, feeling threatened by this deal, decided […]

North-East Syrian playground for armored vehicles; Russian and American dyna

North-East Syria has become a playground for armored vehicles. Not a week goes by without the Russian army stopping a US patrol, the Syrian Arab Army stopping a US patrol, or the other way around. Military patrols have even been reported to chase each other through the countryside like cat and mouse. Another flare-up between […]

Russia and America play cat and mouse in North-East Syria

Yesterday, we could see how the brave people of Qamishlo helped the legitimate government’s National Defense Force to prevent a US patrol from entering Qamishlo. Today, the US forces tried to enter the PYD/PKK-controlled city once again. This time, Russian patrols blocked the road between Hasakah and Qamishlo so that the US patrol could not […]