New crime of PKK / PJAK: Announcement of the death of an Iranian member after 5 years!

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, and quoting the Euphrates news agency (ANF) – the official organ of the PKK / PJAK group – again an Iranian youth was killed in the PKK clashes with Turkey. Yet the PKK group announced the news after 5 years.

Five years!

How else can this be interpreted instead of a way of psychological warfare against a family and forced disappearance.

Because in this case, the family does not know the fate of their child and does not know if he is alive or not?

Also, the family does not know exactly where to go to follow up on the fate of their child.

This inhumane policy of the PKK / PJAK is adopted to stop the process of persecution by families, so that they plainly assume that their child has been killed and no longer pursue his fate.



The PKK Press and Media Center has announced that “three members of the PKK were killed in attacks by the Turkish army on media protection areas on Wednesday, December 26, 2016”.

One of these Iranian members and his details have been announced as follows:

Name and surname: Ramin Zandipour

Nom de Guerre: Mazdak Kurdistan

Place of birth: Sanandaj

Mother’s name – Father’s name: Shahnaz – Siddiq


However, the time and manner of his membership in the group has not been announced. Most likely, this person was also deceived and kidnapped as a child. It is not yet clear why the PKK announces the death of its members with a delay of several years. Was this person really killed in the clash with the Turkish army? Where is his body buried now?

Why does the PKK use children in war? Why should Iranian PKK members be killed in the war with Turkey, thousands of kilometers away from home? These questions have been asked  by human rights groups for years, but the group’s response has been to continue its policy of child warfare and the forced disappearance of members.

However, in the above photo, which was published by the official website of the PKK / PJAK, it can be clearly seen that the other two members are children. That is, in addition to the Iranian, the other two members who were killed five years ago were very young and underage. The delay of the news can be a deliberate attempt to hide that they were underage.

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