Turkey’s brutal attacks on Syria in the shadow of the silence of Damascus and Moscow

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, the Turkish army attacked the village of Zirgan in the outskirts of Serekaniye yesterday. These heavy artillery attacks, carried out in the shadow of the silence of the Syrian and Russian governments, once again showed that Turkey is not satisfied with the current occupied territories and actually intends to occupy even more Syrian territory than the current situation.

A 4-year-old boy named Alam Ali al-Issa was killed and his 5-year-old brother was injured in the attacks and taken to Hasakah Hospital. Sources close to the Kurdish groups asserted that the attacks were carried out from Turkish bases and allied forces in Serekaniye (villages of Dadeh Abdul, Nuiha, Asadiyeh, Khazrawi, Umm Harmala, Tal al-Ward and Kharb Shir).

In response to the attacks, Saleh Muslim, a member of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) leadership council, called Turkish military action a resurgence of “Ottoman terrorism” and called on Damascus to work with the Kurds to maintain Syria’s territorial sovereignty.

“No one is taking a serious stand against the killing of civilians,” Saleh Muslim said, criticizing the positions of “ceasefire” forces in the region in the face of the ongoing attacks. Civilians are killed by planes and weapons of European countries. No one reacts. They only care about their own interests. “So we have to prepare ourselves for these attacks.”

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