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List of arrested journalists in Kurdistan Region

On its Twitter account, Kurdistan Watch has published a list of names and photos of journalists arrested in the Kurdistan Region. Citing the journalists and their whereabouts, Kurdistan Watch writes that these people have been arrested in the past few months because of the suppression of expreession freedom and they criticize the policies of the […]

Suleiman Ali Khan to the IKHRW: KRG deceives people

Suleiman Ali Khan, a Kurdish journalist in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), who is also the editor of a Kurdish online magazine, says: “We have no democracy nor development here. The KRG does not pay attention to the people’s demands. Trhis is while in the developed countries, the authorities care more about human beings than […]

۱۰th anniversary of the murdering of Sardasht Osman

Today is the tenth anniversary of the murdering of Sardasht Osman. He was an Erbil-based journalist and was killed for his 348-word satire titled “I am in love with Barzani’s daughter”, in which he compared how vastly different his life would be as a member of the Barzani family, notorious for its vast wealth and […]