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Conflicting news from North-East Syria’s Kurdish Politics

As we have reported yesterday, SDC’s Elham Ehmed, PYD’s Aldar Xelil and SDF ‘general’ Mazloum Kobane gave conflicting updates on their visions for future alliances. Today, Mazloum Kobane made statements to Kurdistan24, a Kurdish TV channel based in KRG. He stated:”We have now moved to the second phase. We hope that both political parties will […]

Turkey changes the currency in North Syria into Lira

All Turkish-occupied areas in North-Syria have officially changed their currency to Turkish Lira, after a heavy fall of the Syrian Pound. Because Syria’s currency no longer retains value, Syrians are forced to use foreign currencies. The use of the US dollar had already been quite common in Syria. Turkey decided to push Turkish currency into […]

US’s colonel Outzen wants Kurdish and Turkish-led factions to unite and edge out President Assad

A U.S. State Department official is pushing for talks between Turkish- and Kurdish-led factions in Syria as part of a broader push for a political solution that would edge out Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad. The United States has attempted to court both Turkey and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces—who have been at war with each […]

Pentagon disgruntled: Syrian government and Russia ‘exploit’ Arab discontentment in North-East Syria

As you have read in my last article ​Damascus repaving the ground for its return to North-East Syria, ​ the legitimate Syrian government is regaining popularity amongst the population of North-East Syria. Big ideological differences between the PKK-affiliated PYD and the local Arab majority are taking its toll on the long run. Discontment among the […]

Washington: PKK/SDF does not allow Arabs to decision-making positions

When PKK’s Syrian branch PYD, and its armed wing YPG was founded, it had as primary goal to form a Kurdish statelet in North-Syria. Its plans did not include the Arab majority of the region and many reports by international Human Rights organisations reported ethnic cleansing of Arabs in the territory it occupied. As ISIS […]