Turkey changes the currency in North Syria into Lira

All Turkish-occupied areas in North-Syria have officially changed their currency to Turkish Lira, after a heavy fall of the Syrian Pound.

Because Syria’s currency no longer retains value, Syrians are
forced to use foreign currencies. The use of the US dollar had already been quite common in Syria.

Turkey decided to push Turkish currency into the area, an act that only supports the earlier Eu and US sanctions, since if an entire area of the country stops using the currency, the currency will even destabilize more.

Syria’s economy relies mostly on cash. Introducing cash money in another currency, will make the latter even lose more value.

Forcing its own currency into the area, Turkey tries to seal an illegal occupation. Sanctions have hit Syria hard, and inflation has caused a real humanitarian crisis. This is all part of a bigger scheme to destroy Syria, just like other troublesome countries were destroyed.

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