Underdevelopment of Kurdistan is a deadly process

There is a direct relationship between economic growth and development and the level of prosperity, people’s daily life, cultural development and many positive indicators necessary for any society. On the other hand, there is a direct relationship between violence, especially armed violence, and underdevelopment. This means that if there is violence in an area, especially of the armed type, there will be no investment and the existing capital will flee due to lack of security. This can be clearly seen in the bordering Kurdish areas. Kolbar/carrier, the large number of Kurdish workers in Tehran’s squares, the large number of Kurdish pedlars – and sometimes very old – in Tehran and Tabriz … cities have a clear message: There is no work in the Kurdish areas, so we have come here.

What is the reason for this situation? What is the lack of security necessary for economic development? A quick look at the past few decades reveals why. Armed violence is the reason for this underdevelopment. Violence and its promotion is the enemy of development, especially the economic one. Komala and the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI), especially in the early years of the 1979 Revolution, blocked the way for any economic development and investment, and after being marginalized, the PKK, through its branch PJAK, entered the area. The group created an atmosphere of insecurity by abducting children, teenagers, youth, extorting money from people, especially investors, bombings and implanting landmines, even in religious ceremonies, torturing and killing teachers, clerics and students. Investment in such an atmosphere is not possible.

If we put PJAK’s claim that it “strives for Kurdish rights” alongside its real performance against the Kurds, we will see a clear contradiction: PJAK itself hinders the growth and development of the Kurdish regions, and economic development will be achieved when the necessary security for investment, including Government or private, is provided and this security can only be ensured by a complete cessation of violence. In other words, the existence of PJAK is against the interests of the Kurdish people. It is a mistake to assume that PJAK only harms those Kurds whose member/s of family has/have been kidnapped and recruited as a fighter. It should be said that PJAK and its actions and the insecurity caused by it all sacrifice the Kurdish people of the bordering areas. Unemployment due to underdevelopment is one of the most common consequences.

What is the solution to the current situation? PJAK leaders should know that dissolving this group and surrendering themselves is the best option for a healthy life. Also, Kurdish activists should know that their task is to clarify the danger of armed violence and its negative impact on the economic life of the people, and they should not fail in this regard. The government must also take the necessary steps to invest and ensure security while trying to eliminate the threat of the existence and presence of violent armed groups, and the cooperation of the Kurdish people is undoubtedly important in repelling and eliminating the threat of armed violence.

Summary: As long as there is armed violence by Kurdish armed parties and groups, the expectation of economic growth and development as the engine of a better life for the people will not be expected. Repelling and eliminating the danger of these armed groups is the joint task of the government and the Kurdish people.

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