PKK showcases child soldiers killed in action

The PKK has announced the death of 4 other Kurdish children who were attacked by a Turkish soldier in the mountains of North Iraq.

HPG, the armed wing of the PKK, has announced the identities of 4 of its guerrillas who lost their lives in an attack by the Turkish army on chemical weapons in Werxel, Avaşin.

According to the HPG statement, all 4 guerrillas lost their lives two weeks ago on October 10, 2021 in the Avaşin area “in a bombardment with chemical weapons of the Turkish army”.

The HPG stated that three of the victims are from Turkey and one from Syria.

As always, the PKK provided full information about the 4 guerrillas, but did not specify their age, so that the kidnapping of children could not be identified by the organization. Yet, a look at the pictures provided is enough to conclude they cannot possibly of legal age.

This shows that the policy concerning recruitment of minors has not changed, and is not restricted to Iranian children.

The PKK clearly and repeatedly violates children’s rights in all countries its affiliated militias are active, and does not acknowledge international law, nor does it respect the callings of international human rights organizations and the UN’s special rapporteur for children’s rights Virginia Gamba’s request to stop recruiting children.

Recruitment of children will not be stopped until the Kurdish people themselves openly protest this policy.


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